Tenant Representation Screening

Tenant screening is an effective measure to ensure security on your rental property and the existing tenants. If you spend sufficient time to perform tenant check, you are actually protecting your savings. Tenant Representation

The process of tenant background check is similar to employment screening. From potential tenant, you get the necessary information such as complete name, complete previous address and name of previous landlord if possible and his or her current job.

Doing credit check screening as well as tenant background check saves unnecessary hassles and issues that may arise after the signing of the contract. Tenant check may best be done by batch such as completing a batch of 5 tenant applications.

Another consideration to make is to gauge manners and attitude. Is the potential tenant respectful? It is important to note on your tenant screening his possible reactions when complaints or criticisms are brought to his attention. Would he be calm and respectable? Or would he be violent in actions and words? Tenant Representation

Some websites offer free services of tenant check. All you have to do is sign up for free at their website. Once your membership is active, you can have access to their database containing lists of bad tenants. Some websites may require tenant’s information such as Social Security Number, Driver’s License Number and complete name.

During the meeting, select your questions. They should gear towards knowing more about his background. For example, know the reasons for the transfer and the number of persons who live with him. This can give you information on his personal life without appearing an intruder. 

What you should not touch during tenant screening are details on his gender, sexual preference, race and even religion [unless his religion incites him to become a public nuisance]. Bear in mind that these people are protected with tenants rights and nobody deserves to be discriminated because of his personal choices. Tenant Representation Company

You may choose to ask him direct questions. Or you could do tenant verification using the information provided on his application form and during the conversations with him. His superior and co-workers may be helpful to give you insights on his financial capacity and character.

Besides speaking to their former landlords, it is also wise to visit public records. You do not only want to have a tenant who has bad credit history; you should not have a criminal tenant in your leasing property as well to ensure safety of your existing tenants. Tenant Representation Firm